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I am now able to accept clients who are interested in exploring and resolving traumatic experiences. Ranging from exploring early childhood experiences, post-traumatic stress disorder, and complex post-traumatic stress disorder in both adults and children, in performance contexts. If you are struggling to perform at your potential, it is possible that past traumatic events are playing a role.
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About Me

Hi, I’m Jenni Jones

You can call me a sport psychologist, a therapist, a performance coach, a counsellor and a teacher. Whatever you call me, basically, I help people develop, express and apply their greatness (everyone has some) and “enjoy” doing so. I do this by drawing on philosophical and psychological knowledge that I continue to accumulate.


How does it work?

I’ve been a practising personal development and performance psychologist since 2012. I can help anyone struggling between where they are and where they want to be. I can help you find your path, develop the confidence to follow it, and confront the stress and anxiety that inevitably emerges on the journey.

My specialism is one-to-one consultations. You will occasionally find me running a workshop or presenting at a conference, but my favourite place to be is with a client in my office, either face-to-face or online.
I limit the number of clients I accept, so that I can provide the time and space each person needs for their psychological development to occur. I don’t prescribe a set number of sessions. Every human being is different, so every session is different. I don’t give up, even when you do.

Is This For You?

I work with anyone wishing to apply psychology in their life, so that they can achieve a goal and keep themselves well in the process. I often work with elite athletes, police officers, business executives, entrepreneurs, students and performing artists. All facing different levels of stress, anxiety or struggling with their achievements.

Client Testimonials

The idea for me was to get some help about how to overcome my fear regarding completing my first Ironman. I wanted to get some reassurance and some tools to help me on race day ensuring I would not give up.
Working with Jenni really worked very well for me. Not only did I achieve my target to complete the ironman, but I did it in a much better time than expected and I truly ENJOYED it, which is even better!

Nathallee - Ironman Athlete

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