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This week’s short "Note to Self" to keep your thinking on track…

A personal performance philosophy, which is a set of opinions of the fundamental questions related to your life, your development and your progress, is a pivotal part of a life well lived and achieved potential.

Consisting of your core beliefs and values, your philosophy is the generator of motivation and emotion and it's deliberate construction takes effort and reflection. It is you in your truest sense. It is your best self here and now.

As a psychologist I was asked, during my training, to develop a philosophy that underpins the way I practice. Sports coaches, teachers and lots of other professionals do the same. This practice philosophy is the base from which every action, word, thought, idea and supportive action is generated. This philosophical base is a vital component of the way a person works, interacts, performs or lives.

Just as a professional philosophy generates my psychologist "next moves", a personal performance philosophy generates yours.


Your philosophy is heavily influenced by your experiences and what you take in from your social environment.

It is, therefore, important to revisit your core beliefs and values regularly to remind yourself of the detail of their construction and to remould them if necessary. A philosophy that is problematic is easy to spot because it generates psychological conflict, pain and a lack of progress.

The beauty is that no matter who you are or where you are from you get to choose your philosophy. You get to construct it yourself and it will be the best personal project you'll ever complete.

Think about it...

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