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Constant Course Correction

When does our goal striving become "too much of a good thing"?

How do you know before you hit burnout that you're pushing enough, striving enough, and doing what it takes?

It takes extensive cultivation of self-awareness to be able to fully endorse your performances, especially when you might not know what the competition is up to.

Knowing when you cross over into the "too much of a good thing" category will generally come in subtle cues. A sense of stress about your strivings will begin to kindle when you did too much or too little service toward your goal. Your work doesn't foster a sense of faith that you will absolutely get to where it is you set your sights.

You will cross into this category regularly as you balance progress with too much or too little force. Course correct each time by focusing back on the quality of the service that you provide in relation to your goal.

Constant course correction is a sign of effective goal progress.

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