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Emotions and Expert Performance

Updated: Jun 3

Did you know that in skill learning theory the anxiety associated with failure and the elation associated with success are an integral part of the transition from being "good" at something to becoming "great" at it.

To get from a skill development stage of being relatively competent to next level proficiency, expertise, and even effortless mastery there is value in knowing that the path is, by it's nature emotionally rocky.

Before we stoicise the emotions out of our experience let's just think about how emotions help us mark our good moves and our catastrophic mistakes.

Without our luminous emotional highlighters we'll burnout trying to remember all the rules of navigating complex successful performance progress and stay stuck in "doing ok".

So keep on throwing your golf club or tennis racquet in anger when you miss and pump those fists when you succeed.

Your emotional involvement in your performances is key to your performance development.

Think about it...


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