Is Pressure a Privilege?

…or is it a pain in the ass?

There is a quote that goes around the high-performance corridors when the stakes get high, "pressure is a privilege"

As I approach a significant deadline in my career I have begun to observe thoughts of failure and frustration associated with my progress towards my goal, floating around in my mind. my goal feels so near, too near, and then, yet so far. And from these thoughts comes a feeling of pressure.

The pressure builds through my indulgence in unhelpful thinking and believing. So I conclude that pressure is not a privilege. I disagree with this high-performance catchphrase. The privilege is my position. I recognise and am grateful for that.

To be able to have the opportunity is a reflection of my progress towards my goal,

but the pressure, that's a distracting pain in the ass. One that I can dispute by challenging my beliefs about myself, reality, and my destination.

If pressure is just the result of an accumulation of habitual thoughts that I'm having now, as time ticks away and my deadline approaches, then I choose to change those thoughts.

To raise my thinking so that my pressure evaporates into goal-focused vital energy.

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