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Lapse Not Relapse

This week’s short "Note to Self" to keep your thinking on track…

When we work very hard to change and develop it sometimes only takes one mistake to lead to an abandonment of the effort involved. We fall off the "change wagon" completely and think all our efforts are wasted.

We have relapsed and a relapse feels like a permanent return to older and unhealthier ways. Then the motivation to develop, and hope for change vanishes.

A lapse, on the other hand, is temporary and finite. A lapse helps us for return to the process of change more easily.

The sense we make of a mistake, a missed opportunity, a forgotten new and healthy task is all important.

If we think we relapse in a total and complete way as in "they've completely relapsed" as a response to our imperfect journey we can easily return to an old norm.


If we lapse momentarily and temporarily as in "a lapse in concentration or judgment" and choose our language well we'll lapse our way towards a goal and a new norm.

Think about it...

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