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Sources of Confidence- A one day retreat.

Back in 2017 I created and ran a workshop called Source of Confidence. It's a workshop that is close to my heart and I had let it fall into the past. When I look at the challenges that my clients are faced with most often they are issues of confidence and so I have dusted off the workbook and am updating it so that I can bring you this powerhouse of a one-day retreat at the end of May. It will be an intimate exclusive workshop with only six participants, face-to-face in the Swiss Alps. If you live locally the workshop will be just an hour's drive from the centre of Lausanne. If you live overseas maybe you can come to the workshop and stay in this beautiful part of the world for a few days. I will release more details soon. Email me for more information

Face-to-face at MotionLab

I am now up and running as a Sport Psychologist at MotionLab here in Lausanne. It is great to finally have a place to call HQ for my practice and to connect with people face-to-face again. Of course, you don't have to be an athlete or even anyone related to sport to work with me at MotionLab. If your want to tackle your stress, your concentration, your mental health or your psychological ability to perform in any context drop in and see me. I am regularly there on Mondays. Contact me for an appointment.

PDP with Hampshire Police Kicks off

This week saw the kick-off of the fourth year of the Potential Development Program which I co-created with my college Tom Doughty at Hampshire Constabulary. Super proud of this program which is a talent development program for police officers and staff who are not necessarily seeking to be leaders or move up the hierarchy of policing. The program itself seems to be on a development journey of its own as Tom and I tweak it based on feedback and emerging evidence. This means that this year's cohort is in for a personal development treat. Go well cohort 4.

Virtual Reality Sessions Coming Soon.

A cornerstone of achieving psychological change is the process of exposure. If you cannot immerse yourself in a challenging environment and adapt to it then it's likely that your performance and your wellbeing will be compromised. This is why I have been interested in the addition of virtual reality sessions to my practice. I am now working with Amelia Virtual Care to bring my clients the advantages of virtual reality immersion in their psychological skill development.


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