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New Year, New Beginnings

Chalet Koru after a night of snow

I'm sitting at Chalet Koru as I write today. Steve and I bought this chalet together quite soon after I moved to Switzerland. It truly feels like a magical and spiritual place. It is the perfect place to get quiet, restore, and reflect on the next steps in my personal development.

We acquired Chalet Koru from an English and New Zealand couple that had restored her and transformed her from an 1875 farmer (and cattle) residence to a beautiful and modern mountain retreat. They named her Koru, which they explained comes from the native New Zealand Maori language and means "new beginnings", often symbolised by the unfurling fern. Learning this deepened my affection for the chalet further. Koru is where I am at the beginning of every new year. I take time here for personal reflection and renewal. Here I let go of the old and let the new begin. There seems something harmonious about such contemplation being witnessed by the Diablerets Massif that lie directly in front of her. It strengthens my commitment to my growth somehow to plan my next steps in front of the awe-inspiring Alps.

Just like the unfurling fern, new beginnings start small and feel constrained, difficult to break into and the right conditions are necessary for that growing fern to unwind and flourish. As we contemplate our annual resolutions it's an important moment to recognise that the process of change and growth permeates all of nature. It is the same physically, and psychologically. It happens slowly, there is progress, and there is retreat, there are ever-changing conditions to contend with and persistence and patience are key.

I wish you a steady, and successful unfurling as you too set your Koru into motion.

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