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Stuck in the Future

Updated: Jun 26

This week’s short "Note to Self" to keep your thinking on track…

We rarely get stuck in the future.

Yet it is better to get stuck in our chosen vision of the future than in past events we didn't want and can't change.

Regardless of where we allow the balance of our mental activity to rest, our expectation about the future is what determines our current behaviour and future results.

It's not the other way around, but we almost always believe that it is.

When we believe that behaviour comes first and the goal comes second we tend to undervalue the act of regularly and consistently focusing on a vision of a preferred future and our low aspirations for growth and change guide our current motivation and behaviours.

As a result we feel stuck in the past and fail to see the benefit of getting stuck in the future.

Think about it...

This weeks trite to self was created after re visiting "The Empowered Manager - Positive Political Skills at Work" by Peter Block.

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