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The Important Art of Focusing on the Possible.

I think one of the hardest things in the journey towards goal achievement is dealing with the moments in which motivation wanes. Today has been one of those days today where I am feeling the weight of slow progress and my resistance to the perceived effort that is needed to move forward.

At these moments reflection in several directions can help. I can reflect on my perception of effort, e.g., is it really as effortful as I think it is to do what needs to be done? I can reflect on why my energy is waning, am I tired? am I in need of a break? I can reflect on my resistance, am I believing something about my progress that is unhelpful to achieving that progress?

When motivation leaves us it can be connected to our thoughts and beliefs in that moment. Such energy sapping beliefs can be categorised as "this task is impossible", or "this task is impossible for me".

This quality of belief can be the causal factor in our disappearing energy so questioning its validity is essential if we want a good quality injection of motivation to return. Is the task humanly possible?

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