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Through the Looking Glass.

This week’s short "Note to Self" to keep your thinking on track…

When we reflect on our progress we generally take some time to look backwards on our days or important events to note what can be learned from our experiences. It is a potentially transformational psychological skill if done well.

And as our reflective skill develops we can begin to reflect intuitively while we are in action which helps us make the strategic decisions that lead to successful goal achievement in complex and dynamic environments leading to expert performance.

There is also another way of reflecting which may be particularly useful for us as we navigate unchartered territory in our development journeys. It's called reflection through action.

Reflection through action is a useful perspective on reflection that can help you challenge your comfort zone. It differs from the retrospective reflection "on action" we tend to journal about and the intuitive reflection "in action" we develop with experience.

Instead personal development occurs through experimentation, adventurousness and the process of discovery. It can help us test our assumptions about our limits and work with creativity and innovation.

Most importantly the goal of any process or task is to discover what can be learned, freeing the process of stepping out of the known from the constraints of first time perfectionism.

Reflection through action. A fruitful avenue for your development.

Think about it...

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