Uncertainty Equals Stress When...

Uncertainty, a major thinking ingredient to stress and anxiety can only be stress-inducing when you believe that you must absolutely know something with certainty, when, in fact, you don't.

You can then layer on extra stress-inducing beliefs to enhance the spice of your stress by telling yourself that uncertainty is both awful and that you cannot tolerate it.

Take the spice out of the recipe by changing your thinking and lining it up with reality. Instead of thinking that you must have certainty, you'd really like to have certainty but sadly it's not on offer right now.

The awfulness of uncertainty - which is, in reality, an exaggeration- and your ability to tolerate uncertainty - which you have more of than you know, by the way - becomes irrelevant when you don't forcefully demand that you have it.

Try it. It's a truly elegant way to think.

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