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Why should I?

This week’s short "Note to Self" to keep your thinking on track…

"Why should I?" An often voiced protest I hear in the face of unfairness, unkindness and attack.

"Why should I listen after all that's been said?"

"Why should I help when I have not received help?"

"Why should I repeat and support an instruction again and again?"

It can be hard to focus on our thoughts and actions and think critically when outside events and people provoke us, are unfair, are unkind and do attack.

And, yet to respond with a "Why should I?" serves only to perpetuate stress. This is because behind the "why should I?" we have usually taken a perspective of defence and a belief grounded in unmet expectations. Often there is no real reason why anyone should do anything, however, it is rarely a position of progress or resolution.

If you can, for a moment, set aside your expectations and recognise that there is nothing to defend and that expectations can be flexible I would like to offer you some reasoning behind why "you should" in adverse situations .

You should because you maintain a sense of empowerment over the situation.

You should because recognising your role will give you hope for a resolution.

You should because you can move the situation forward positively.

As you're involved it's probably a good thing to claim it as yours (at least partially) to own and overcome.

Think about it...


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