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Through detailed collaborative assessment and planning, my clients develop life-changing psychological skills to help them thrive towards their aspirations, cope with any of life’s vast obstacles and develop a robust performance philosophy.

My sessions are designed to dissect performance challenges and provide clients with effective tools to help them create the successes that they strive for.


Personal Development 

Understand Your Psychological Skill Level

Sport and performance psychology tools can be regularly applied  in any situation to help individuals achieve their personal development goals, such as developing confidence, overcoming anxiety and managing stress. I can help you on your personal development journey to reach the highest of heights and fulfil your potential.



Peak Mental Performance Under Pressure

Coping with the mental components of performing in elite sports is known to be a vital element of success. Is it time to seek help from a professional in this field? 

My Sport Psychology Consultation sessions help athletes, teams, coaches, sports officials, and support functions develop effective attitudes towards life in elite sports. Let me help you find the best in yourself. In any walk of life taking the time to focus on your personal development


For High- Risk Jobs

Psychological Strength in Extreme High-Risk Environments

If you work in a high-risk occupation such as policing or the military you will be well aware of the stress that can be associated with the work that you do.
I provide education, training and support sessions that can help you develop your ability to focus on the right things when it matters the most and support the long-term psychological wellbeing of you and your teams through such challenging careers.


Performing Arts

Develop Robust Confidence to Create and Perform

When your performance is scrutinised and there are no clear determinants for success. When the hidden competitions overwhelm.
I would like to support you in expressing your creativity to the full, regardless of the constraints of the environment.

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Performance in High Pressure Situations

When consistent delivery of quality counts

Whether you are a leading professional in your field or aspiring to be so, gaining psychological knowledge will be the edge that you need to take you and keep you at the top of your game and enjoy being there. 

Social Change Management

You want to change the world, I want to support you

To solve the complex challenges of social change, it is vital to understand the complex nature of motivation and apply psychology in your work.
Through my experience in public service I am ready to help you  bring about the changes that you want to see in the world.

Working Together

Performance Leadership

Develop a robust leadership approach

Performing well under the pressure of the rapid changes is essential for successful business people. Robust, confident, decision-making in the face of uncertainty is stressful. Motivating yourself and your team and build effectiveness can also be a challenge when differences clash. Applying psychology in such circumstances not only fosters your people's growth, but also enhances your business results.

Exam room

Performance Throughout School

Develop robust confident academic performance

Some of life's pivotal performances and transitions occur through our time at school and college. We can be asked to discover our purpose, know who we are, and perform under extreme pressure while navigating the trails of our teenage years.
I can help you to find your way and perform at your best, to overcome the stress, anxiety, to manage your energy and motivation, to explore who you want to become, and to develop your decision making and concentration skills.

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