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   Fees & Insurance Information

Introductory Session - 30 mins Free of charge. 

Call or book an online appointment to find out about my service.   
Assessment Session. - 60 - 90 minutes, CHF 295 

I conduct a thorough baseline assessment including a range of bespoke psychometric testing.  
One-to-One Session -  60 minutes CHF 195 

Single sessions can be conducted in person or online and typically last no longer than an hour.  

Health Insurance   
My service is a private self pay service. Typically clients will cover the cost of sessions themselves or they will receive sessions as part of a contract with their organisation. If you hold health insurance please check with your provider before sessions begin regarding the reimbursement of fees. In Switzerland my service falls under the category of "Psychological Counselling" and may be covered under a "complementary" policy, although this is not guaranteed and depends on your provider and your policy. It is important to gain clarification on this matter if you rely on your insurance provider to cover the cost of your fees. 

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