Be Pro-Help

It has always been very important to me to be independent but I think that we can get stuck in a stubbornness of "needing" to be able to always handle things on our own. We might prefer not to "bother" another with our challenges but reaching out is often the best move we'll ever make.

The fact is we, as human beings, are designed to be pro-supportive, and pro-help and so its important to recognise that solitude, and withdrawal are often a sign of unessessary self protection rather than strength and reaching out and seeking help is an efficient and effective way to raise your energy and your performance.

So build your ability to be"pro-help" as opposed to the stiff upper lip of pro-resilience. Offer it and accept it as a part of your way of being. If you're doing life alone... you're doing life more difficultly.

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